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Adjustable Head
Adjustable Head
Adjustable Head Material:
Brass with nickel plated
Adjustable Head Thread available:
Metric, PG, NPT
Ambient temperature:
-40~100, temporary: to 120
Adjustable Head Color:
Adjustable Head Characteristics:
Change larger thread to smaller thread.
Adjustable Head Application:
Provides a means of connection between cable entry devices and equipment having dissmilar threads.
Adjustable Head Acessories:
Locknut, Sealing washer
Custoization is available
Item No.
Thread length
Hexagon dimensions(D)
Outer thread
Inner thread(D2)
HX-R-101 M16x1.5 M12x1.5 6mm 8.5mm 18mm
HX-R-102 M20x1.5 M16x1.5 6.5mm 9mm 24mm
HX-R-103 M25x1.5 M20x1.5 7.5mm 10mm 30mm
HX-R-104 M32x1.5 M25x1.5 8mm 11.5mm 39mm
HX-R-105 M40x1.5 M32x1.5 9mm 12.5mm 43mm
HX-R-106 M50x1.5 M40x1.5 10mm 14mm 57mm
HX-R-107 M63x1.5 M50x1.5 10mm 14mm 64mm
HX-R-108 PG9 PG7 6mm 8.5mm 17mm
HX-R-109 PG11 PG9 6.5mm 8.5mm 20mm
HX-R-110 PG13.5 PG11 6.5mm 9mm 22mm
HX-R-111 PG16 PG13.5 6.5mm 9.5mm 24mm
HX-R-112 PG21 PG16 7.5mm 10mm 30mm
HX-R-113 PG29 PG21 8mm 11.5mm 39mm
HX-R-114 PG36 PG29 9mm 12.5mm 50mm
HX-R-115 PG42 PG36 10mm 14mm 57mm
HX-R-116 PG48 PG42 10mm 14mm 64mm
HX-R-117 NPT1/2 NPT3/8 6.5mm 9mm 24mm
HX-R-118 NPT3/4 NPT1/2 7.5mm 10mm 30mm
HX-R-119 NPT1 NPT3/4 8mm 11.5mm 39mm
HX-R-120 NPT1 1/4 NPT1 9mm 12.5mm 50mm

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