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PE Flexible Conduits
PE Flexible Conduits
PE Flexible Conduits Material:
PE Flexible Conduits Temperature range:
Min-40棬 Max 80, Short-term 100
PE Flexible Conduits Protection degree:
PE Flexible Conduits Properties:
Halogen-free, excellent chemical resistance: to acids, alkalies and corrosion
PE Flexible Conduits Applications:
Machine building, chemical equipment
Name Hose specifications IDxOD(mm) Packing unit(m)
Polypropylene tube (flame retardant)
AD7 4.5x7 200
AD10.0 6.5x10.0 100
AD13.0 10.0x13.0 100
AD15.8 12.0x15.8 100
AD18.5 14.3x18.5 50
AD21.2 17.0x21.2 50
AD25.0 20.0x25.0 50
AD28.5 23.0x28.5 50
AD34.5 29.0x34.5 50
AD42.5 36.0x42.5 25
AD54.5 48.0x54.5 25

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